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Most high school juniors and seniors try to imagine what their college years will bring. At some point, seniors realize that in less than twelve months they will be living in a dorm with a new roommate, mini-frig, and the perfect comforter bought over the summer. They will be walking or biking to an 8:30 class half-way across campus, camping out in the library between classes, eating dorm food, and perhaps gradually gaining the freshman fifteen. They will be miles away from hall passes, morning meetings in the gym, homeroom, or a designated time for lunch. Many juniors imagine all of the above but with an added year to invent even more possibilities.

Unfortunately, before college becomes a reality, both juniors and seniors must complete a fairly daunting task list: meet numerous times with their college counselor, ask teachers for letters of recommendations, take the ACT/SAT, the SAT II’s, take AP exams, take the ACT/SAT a second (or third) time, request official transcripts, construct a resume, attend college fairs, impress college admissions officers, and think about what they are looking for in a dream school – size, location, social life, academic intensity. In addition, they may need to complete the FAFSA, as well as find and apply for scholarships. Some schools may be sure things. Others might be difficult, “reach” schools. By now, some seniors might regret not taking their junior year academics seriously, while others might wish they would have stuck with the cross-country team.

But, while the last three years of grades cannot be changed and a teacher’s assessment cannot be finagled, students can control the quality of their college admissions essay. Grades, the rigor of the classes taken, and standardized test scores matter more to college admissions officers, but, in those schools where clients are competing with students with similar qualifications, the admissions essay DOES make a difference. This essay can convince an admissions officer that he or she is worth pursuing because that individual would add something unique to the school.

Outbound Essays offers a sounding board and editing partner to those who would benefit from talking through ideas and issues, rather than simply going through the process alone. Outbound Essays can assist by allowing clients the space to navigate the stressors of senior year—including academics, athletics, or even the process of saying goodbye to family and friends. With Outbound Essays, students are able to write their personal best college essay, increasing the odds of being accepted to their perfect match of a school.

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College Acceptance List

American University

Arizona State University

Barnard College

Baylor University 

Beloit College

Benedictine College

Boston College 

Boston University

Bryn Mawr College

Carnegie Mellon University

Catholic University of America

Clemson University 

Coe College 

Colgate University

College of Charleston 

College of William and Mary 

Colorado School of Mines 

Cornell University

Creighton University 

Davidson College

DePaul University

DePauw University 

Drake University 

Drexel University

Eckerd College

Emerson College

Emporia State University

Flagler College 

Florida State University 

Fordham University 

Fort Hays State University (2)

Franklin & Marshall College

Furman University

Georgia Tech 

George Washington University

Gonzaga University

Grinnell College

Hendrix College 

Hollins University 

Illinois Wesleyan University

Indiana University

Iowa State University 

Johnson County CC 

Juniata College

Kansas State University 

Kansas Wesleyan University

Kenyon College

Knox College 

Lake Forest College

Lawrence University 

Lewis & Clark College

Loyola University Chicago 

Macalester College 

Marquette University 

McGill University

Miami University 

Michigan State University

Mills College

Mount Holyoke College

New York University 

Reed College

Rice University 

Saint Mary’s College (CA)

Santa Clara University 

Sarah Lawrence College

Skidmore College

Smith College

Southern Methodist University 

Sweet Briar College

Syracuse University 

Texas A&M University

Texas Christian University 

Thomas Aquinas College

Trinity University

Truman State University

Tulane University

US Military Academy West Point  

University of Central Florida

University of Cincinnati

University of Colorado Boulder 

University of Colorado Denver

University of Denver

University of Florida 

University of Illinois at Urbana-C

University of Iowa

University of Kansas 

KU Honors Program

University of Mass–Amherst

University of Miami

University of Michigan 

University of MN-Twin Cities

University of Missouri-Kansas City

University of Montana

University of NE-Lincoln 

University of Oklahoma

University of San Diego 

University of South Carolina

University of Southern Cal. 

University of Texas—Austin 

University of Tulsa 

University of Virginia

University of Washington

University of Wisc.-Madison

Wake Forest University 

Washburn University 

Washington Univ. in St. Louis 

Wellesley College 

William Jewel College